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Psychic Medium, Clairaudient,
Clairvoyant and Palmist.


Ellen is also an Access Bars Practitioner - visit AccessConsciousness.com to learn more.


A few hours before the reading, Ellen begins to focus on the client and ask her guides for assistance and information.


Psychic telephone readings are conducted from a quiet, peaceful environment promoting calm & clarity. 


Send Ellen an email with one or two carefully worded questions. Please make sure to be clear and concise as possible.

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Ellen Bone

Who is Ellen Bone?

Ellen is an Access Bars Practitioner and a Reiki Master. Her gifts include, but are not limited to: amazingly accurate psychic readings, psychometry (receiving psychic impressions through handling objects), psychic palmistry and picture reading. Ellen feels that everyone has psychic ability to some degree. She believes in prayer and miracles, and that an individual's free will overrides their destiny.

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Where would you like for me to visit?

Send an email to let me know. I love getting to know new people and places!

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A psychic reading makes for a truly unique gift that keeps on giving. Perfect! Purchase one today for someone special.

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