Psychic Medium, Clairaudient,
Clairvoyant and Palmist.


Ellen is also an Access Bars Practitioner - visit to learn more.


A few hours before the reading, Ellen begins to focus on the client and ask her guides for assistance and information.


Psychic telephone readings are conducted from a quiet, peaceful environment promoting calm & clarity. 


Send Ellen an email with one or two carefully worded questions. Please make sure to be clear and concise as possible.


Often requested for parties, corporate events & engagements, Ellen would love to see you at one of these public events.


Psychic Self Help and Adventures

Money in the Lines of Your Hand

Read It

For over 20 years I have looked at the palms of the living and the dead to read or witness the story that is written with the lines there.

Murderer's Thumb

Read It

If you have ever looked at any old palmistry books and even a few modern ones, you are bound to come to a picture and description of the so called "murderer's thumb".

What Your Thumb Communicates

Read It

For almost 20 years I have loved the art of palmistry and have rarely seen a palm that didn't intrigue me.

The Difference Between a Psychic and a Fortune Teller

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The reason I decided to write about the difference between a psychic and a fortune teller, stems from some of the questions and problems...

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Ellen Bone

Who is Ellen Bone?

Ellen is an Access Bars Practitioner and a Reiki Master. Her gifts include, but are not limited to: amazingly accurate psychic readings, psychometry (receiving psychic impressions through handling objects), psychic palmistry and picture reading. Ellen feels that everyone has psychic ability to some degree. She believes in prayer and miracles, and that an individual's free will overrides their destiny.

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Send an email to let me know. I love getting to know new people and places!

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