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Psychic Readings In-Person 
$65 per 30 minutes

A personal reading with Ellen Bone whether over the phone, Internet or in person is much the same. The client is welcome to bring notes, pictures, objects or nothing at all.

A few hours before the reading, Ellen begins to focus on the client and ask her guides for assistance and any information that will be important to cover. She takes notes, often lots of them and sometimes even dreams of the client beforehand!

Ellen lives on four acres near woods and far from traffic and other noisy influences. The surroundings are serene and conducive to opening the channels available. The office is quiet and all attention is focused on the client.

Ellen starts most readings by asking no more than 2-3 general questions, for instance: Are you working? What is the age of your partner? If the reading is in person, she will then usually look at both palms and spend about 8 or 10 minutes on revealing your character and some past experiences. Doing this allows her a quick psychic connection and also generally makes you feel more comfortable and able to make the decision about whether you wish to proceed. From that point, she normally focuses on relating to you the paths and probabilities of the next 12-18 months.

Of course this is an overview to give you a feel for what the experience might be like, as no two readings are ever the same. Sometimes the focus may be on details about a relative that has passed away if that is what she has been guided to give you. Perhaps on your next visit, the focus may be on another aspect of your life. Since the reading belongs to you, you are invited to ask questions and/or guide the reading in the directions you are most interested in.

Readings usually conclude in about 30 minutes. The only difference for a phone or Internet reading is that the palms are not looked at, although the client is most welcome to email or mail me photos (or photo copies) of their palms before a telephone reading so that that may be included. Not seeing the palms in person does not diminish the accuracy of the reading.

1. To schedule a reading, contact Ellen.

2. Due to the nature of this work, Ellen respectfully asks that you prepay prior to your appointment using the Buy Now button below. This service is provided at Ellen's standard rate of $65 per 30 minutes.

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