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Frequently Asked Questions

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Ellen Bone

Q: You're psychic. Why don't you just read my mind?

Ellen is a truly gifted Psychic Medium, Intuitive, and Empath. She is not a mind-reader. There is a difference. Unfortunately, mental telepathy is not one of the talents/gifts she claims as a Metaphysical Practitioner. Ellen will however, provide you with useful information and possible suggestions or ways to modify the course of your actions and thoughts so as to improve your situation. You may be shown your situation from a new angle; see new possibilities. You may even be given warning of potential future events in such a way as to allow you to better prepare and thus, react more favorably to an otherwise negative situation.

Q: You mentioned Ellen's talents/gifts?

Some of the tools that may make themselves available to Ellen include:

- Mediumship (perceiving and communicating with spirits and those in the afterlife),

- Psychometry (receiving impressions from an object by touch),

- Clairvoyance (seeing at a distance or across time: literally, "clear seeing"),

- Clairaudience (hearing at a distance or across time),

- Palmistry (interpreting the life-map written in your hands),

- Tarot cards (yet another path to information),

- Photograph Reading (gaining insights much as in psychometry)

... all in addition to her previously mentioned abilities. As an Empath, she is very open to emotional impressions; contrast that to telepathy (thought transference) as mentioned earlier. She has also studied various healing and energy techniques mentioned elsewhere, and is trained in the use of hypnotherapy and past-life regression.

Q: Can you help me contact a dead relative or friend?

Yes. Ellen has regular interaction with the realm of Spirit. Just remember, contacting any specific personality, regardless of location, requires their cooperation. This is not a copout. Ellen is an honorable person, and if the desired contact isn't making a connection at this time, she will say so. Communication with the "living" is difficult enough with it's own trials, bad connections, missed communications, and so on; communication with the "other side" is no more certain.

Q: I want to give this a try. How do I start?

The majority of Ellen's work is done via telephone readings. She also gives psychic readings by email and psychic medium readings in person (which allows her to use more "tools", such as psychometry, regression, and so on). For further information on any of these methods, just click on one of the links above.

Q: What about payment?

Since Ellen's voice and time are being sold and can't be taken back upon lack of payment, please show the courtesy to make payment arrangements beforehand. We've tried to make this as easy as possible for all concerned. Ellen takes cash, good checks, MasterCard and Visa, and payments securely through PayPal online, available via the Buy Now buttons on this site.

Q: Do you tape sessions?

Ellen does not provide a tape of readings, as it is difficult to find cassette tapes now and many people don't have tape players; however she will certainly allow the reading to be taped by the client.

Can't see Ellen in person?

Affordable psychic readings by phone and psychic readings by email are also available. Try one to get a feel for the type of guidance a psychic reading can offer. Don't forget to subscribe to Ellen's email news for members-only exclusive offers and discounts. You'll be glad you did!

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