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Crossing Paths

by Ellen Bone

I have worked for over 35 years in a hospital laboratory, first, as a Medical Laboratory Technician and in the past few years, as a phlebotomist (the one who draws your blood). I also run my metaphysical business, The Intuitive Edge, full time. I am as careful as possible not to mix the two, but the two fields occasionally cross paths...especially in the instances of death and dying.

In the over 35 years that I have been in a hospital setting, I have witnessed death many times and in the majority of those deaths I have honestly not seen the essence or soul of that person leave the body. I view death as a long, deep exhale and then peace. However, when the death is one of surprise or violence, I usually see the ...for lack of a better term...phantom of that person.

Let me explain, when a person loses a limb, they often will experience phantom pain or other physical symptoms in the limb that is no longer there. I know a man that has to get up at night and reposition his leg so that the foot he lost in Vietnam stops cramping! I believe that what I see, when the person dies, is a sort of phantom of their existence. I do hope this makes sense.

So, a few weeks ago, the hospital intercom announced that a "Code Trauma" was expected in 1 minute. The medical team was assembled in the room and X-ray and laboratory (me) waited in the hall. The man was thrown from his vehicle...wet, muddy…no external injuries...and not breathing.

The medical work went on and with hope that he would survive, I was told I could return to the lab and I would be called back when needed. As I turned to go, I knew that I would not be called back because there stood the young man in spirit and he looked at me and said, "Son of a bitch!!!".

Don't be offended or laugh too hard about his comment. People at unexpected death rarely say what the movies would make you think. If you were taking an unexpected dive off a cliff...I doubt that the first thing out of your mouth would be some poetic expression for your loved'd curse, cry or pray.

All of my story thus far isn't really that extraordinary in my life, but what followed was chilling.

I left my shift late at night for my 45 minute drive along the river home and about 15 minutes into the drive...the dead man's spirit plopped down in the passenger seat next to me.

Now, I am not one of those super sensitive psychics that go around collecting energies or even allowing them to attach to I was a bit unnerved. I was even more shaken when he started ordering me out of the car!!

My first thought, selfish as it was, was that perhaps my psychic ability had taken a severe and wrong turn and maybe I really did need medication. The next thought was that this man had not "gone to the Light" and I began to direct him to move on to those that were waiting to guide him over. He became more agitated and again demanded I stop and get out.

I have never been car jacked by anyone and I certainly wasn't going to be car jacked by a dead man! I did take my car out of cruise control, frantically thinking that perhaps he was warning me of a deer in the road ahead.

Finally, with almost a scream, he ordered me to stop and GET OUT!!! I did. I stopped, got out, and as the car door rear tire blew. Yes, blew apart.

I called AAA and as soon as I was reassured that someone was on the way...he disappeared. My life was saved. It gave me grateful goose bumps for days and I sent a special silent prayer to his family thanking them for the gift their loved one gave me in death.

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