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Spiritual Self Help
A comprehensive list of Ellen's self help articles, blogs and media for meditation, self improvement and empowerment for body, mind & spirit. Contact Ellen to let her know what topics you'd like to see addressed.

Enhance Your Psychic Abilities
Don't Tell Me Anything Bad!!

Laws of Attraction

The Secret Psychic

So You Want to Be a Professional Psychic

Fairies, Ghosts
 and Spirits
Lesson in Attraction..The Biker Story

Crossing Paths

Ghost Hunting

Ghostly Sounds and Apparitions

The House Not Haunted  

Mystical, Magical March!

Unfinished Ghost Story

What is a Ghost or Spirit?

Money in the Lines of Your Hand

Murderer's Thumb

What Your Thumb Communicates

Psychic Reader
The difference between a Psychic and a Fortune Teller

The Bacon Bookmarker

The Camel on my Desk

Little Child Lost...

The Grave in His Hand  

The Poet and the Psychic

Which Fairy Tale Reflects You?

How to Be Grateful During a Spiritual Famine

The Installation of Love

Spiders..Oh My!


Do you have a question about Ellen's services or abilities? If so, please feel free to contact her.  Ellen is a member of the Morgan & Marietta County Chambers of Commerce.


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