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Your privacy matters to us.

Privacy & Safe Shopping

We wish to reassure current and prospective clients of Ellen Bone's services that their confidentiality will be respected in every way. All payments on products or services available through this site are submitted through a trusted and SECURE server which encrypts your financial information in order to ensure the safety of your information. Any info requested by email on this site is, indeed SAFE to send through email; however you should take care to never send sensitive financial information through email (like your credit card information for instance). Ellen will never sell, rent, or give away your personal information to anyone else, for any purpose, whether private or business in nature.

Additionally, Ellen strives to protect, not only your personal information, but also the very content of every reading done for every client. Please be assured that Ellen will respect and protect your privacy to the maximum extent always.

If you wish to observe the strictest possible privacy protocols, you are welcome and invited to limit your communications with Ellen to the telephone, US Mail, or in-person contacts.

The PayPal buttons on this site transfer you to a completely secure web server to handle respective financial transactions for safe shopping. Regarding rumors of concerns about PayPal, there are no concerns...the only way for people to gain your financial info is for you to give it away yourself. On that note, there have been some scam artists attempting to gain financial information by pretending to represent PayPal and other financial sites in fake emails making fraudulent requests that you "verify" information by clicking on links in those emails that redirect you to fake websites created in order to make you think you are interacting with your financial institution. This is known as "phishing". NEVER click on a link in one of these emails, even if it does appear to be from your financial institution. Instead, go their website yourself by typing the web address into a browser yourself and logging into your account that way. If they need you to update your information, they will tell you so immediately when you log in.

Terms of Service

Ellen's psychic readings and other services are for your personal enlightenment, spiritual growth and/or entertainment purposes only. If you have a serious personal, emotional or medical problem, you should consult with a licensed medical or mental health professional immediately. Ellen Bone's services and advice offer probabilities based on her own spiritual gifts, personal talents, study, knowledge and understanding, as well as her keenly intuitive metaphysical perceptions and guidance received during same. Ellen strives to always care for you in a "Do Unto Others" manner with any advice that she gives, please be advised that your own free will and/or choice is always the ultimate deciding factor of your future. Your use of this site, Ellen's services, advice, products or those of any affiliated services or recommendations constitutes your absolute agreement to full understanding of same as well as your agreement to hold Ellen Bone harmless regarding any liability of any kind for any reason whatsoever. Use of this site, it's content, links, business and/or affiliate services affirms your absolute agreement to these Terms of Service without exception. 

Refund / Reschedule Policy

Payments are non-refundable. Ellen understands that things come up, weather can be an issue, etc., so appointments can be rescheduled if needed, but payments are not refundable.

Questions or Concerns

We hope this explanation of our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service has been helpful. If you have any further questions or concerns, we encourage you to contact Ellen with them today.