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Ellen Bone, Psychic Medium & Intuitive Metaphysical Practitioner

Who is Ellen Bone?

Ellen was raised in a family that accepted psychic phenomena as normal, so her natural intuitive talents were nourished and encouraged rather than repressed. Like most genuine psychic mediums, Ellen is also strongly empathic.

As her abilities continued to grow, so did her accuracy. In 1990 she opened her first office. Enjoying continued success because of her gifts, she had an office built near her home in Malta, Ohio. She is kept busy with a large clientele of repeat clients from the local area and from out of state.

In addition to her private practice and in order to do a small part in giving back to the Universe, Ellen occasionally assists in police investigations on cold cases, which carry heavy responsibility and impart to her a spiritual and emotional involvement that cannot easily be forgotten.

In her spare time, Ellen participates in metaphysical and psychic fairs in many states, consults with other established psychics, is occasionally featured on television and radio, and continues working on her first book. She strives for personal growth through studies that include palmistry, and methods of healing and energy work.  Ellen is a Reiki Master.

Ellen's gifts include, but are not limited to: amazingly accurate psychic medium readings, psychometry (receiving psychic impressions through handling objects), psychic palmistry and picture reading. Ellen feels that everyone has psychic ability to some degree. She believes in prayer and miracles and that an individual's free will overrides their destiny.

Can't see Ellen in person? 
psychic readings by phone and psychic readings by email are also available. Try one to get a feel for the type of guidance a psychic reading can offer.  You'll be glad you did!

Do you have a question about Ellen's services or abilities? If so, please feel free to contact her.  Ellen is a member of the Morgan & Marietta County Chambers of Commerce.


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