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Ellen Bone, Psychic Medium & Intuitive


Congratulations to Ellen... 25 YEARS in business!

Exciting events all over Ohio coming up...
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Can't see Ellen for a reading in person?  Affordable psychic readings by phone and psychic readings by email are available.

Ellen's gifts include, but are not limited to: amazingly accurate psychic medium readings, psychometry (receiving psychic impressions through handling objects), psychic palmistry and picture reading. Ellen feels that everyone has psychic ability to some degree. She believes in prayer and miracles and that an individual's free will overrides their destiny.  Read More


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JULY SPECIAL: Palm Readings!

If you have never had a palm reading.... this is a great opportunity for you! Ellen offered this special in April and had a huge response, so she has decided to offer it again for the entire month of July!

1. Take a clear picture of both of your palms. Make sure to include your thumb & fingers. Label which is your right hand and which is your left.  Also label which is your dominant hand (the one you use the most). 

2. Email the photos (no texting please) to Ellen at ellenAbone@gmail.com

3. Ellen requests that you prepay using the button below. The cost is 20.00.

Once you have prepaid and the pictures have been received, Ellen will start working on your palm reading.  Your reading will be recorded, and the audio file sent to your email. PLEASE NOTE: It is very important you follow all the directions above to ensure a timely response.

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Do you have a question about Ellen's services or abilities? If so, please feel free to contact her.  Ellen is a member of the Morgan & Marietta County Chambers of Commerce.


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